Since its creation the company carries out technical works of individual constructions such as storage and professional spaces, as well as the design and construction of more complicated projects such as cluster of buildings and industrial spaces. In its experience you can find a number of smaller interventions, such as internal redecoration of houses, professional spaces as well as some more complicated technical actions, such as additions and interventions – reinforcement on existing structures. The accumulative experience of company’s engineers, concerning the level of its members as well as the level of its chosen collaborators, makes ETEMKO capable to undertake projects from the point of inception to the point of completion.


The composition of the company consists of well trained qualified engineers and that gives the opportunity to execute the projects that it undertakes by itself, controlling completely the final result and also giving a specific weight concerning the quality of its products and services.

Therefore bearing in mind the experience was gained through the time and around a number of technical objectives, it is obvious that ETEMKO has the ability through its continuous activity and through the continuous training of its members, to be informed for the last technologies and developments on the theoretical level, but also on the techniques they are used and the materials of construction so that the quality of its studies to be kept on high levels.

The Company’s target is not the application of unproductive methodologies but the observance of the arts’ and sciences’ values in a theoretical level, in respect of the obligation that it undertakes, regarding its customers to provide perfection in its services.


If you are interested in investing in Greece, our company has great experience and knowledge of the area around Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki where we have been involved in several construction projects for several decades.

We plan and develop our own projects from the start, so we are able to find the appropriate estate, design a suitable building, construct it and sell or rent it using own resources.

If you want to make your own investment, either as a block of flats, a group of houses, an office building near the city of Thessaloniki, or even have your exclusive house by the sea, or just buy some land for future use, contact us.

You can find out about the people behind the firm here.